Online Translator of 100+ Languages


This is a Bulgarian online translator, alternative to the known to us Google Translator and Bing Translator. Advantages of our translator are that it supports more languages for translations. The quality of the more famous languages is very high, but the less famous and rarely used languages we are still working on. The system uses the data base of MyMemory that supports and updates with every second and only by users, who contribute for quality. Although thousands of people are helping to develop it still don’t forget that this is an automatic translation and you can’t expect high quality as translation by humans. The machines can’t think like people do yet.

Here is a full list of the supported languages:

Afrikaans Bayan Catalan French (Haiti)
Albanian Roma Cebuano French (St. Lucian)
Amharic Basque Camorra French
Arabic Bemba Chinese (Simplified) Portuguese (Upper Guinea)
Armenian Bengali Chinese (Traditional)
Azerbaijani Belorussian Comoros Galician
Croatian Bislama Coptic Georgian
Czech Bosnian German
Danish Bangs English Greek
Dutch Bulgarian Esperanto Greek (Classical)
Jong Burmese Estonian Gujarati
Hausa Kazakh Faroe Quechua
Hawaiian Red Finnish Romanian
Hebrew Kinyarwanda French Russian
Hindi Kirundi Samoan
Hungarian Korean Celtic Sang
Icelandic Kurdish Maori Scottish
Indonesian Sora Marshals Serbian
Inuktitut (Greenland) Kyrgyzstan Mende Shawna
Irish Lao Mongolian Sinhala
Italian Latin Morisian Slovak
Japanese Latvian Nepali Slovenian
Javanese Lithuanian Niue Somali
Kabuverdianu Luxembourg Norwegian Soto
Kabul Macedonian Niandzha Spanish
Kannada Malagasy Pakistani Shitting
Malay Palu Tong
Syrian (Aramaic) Maldives Punjabi Swahili
Tagalog Maltese Papiamento Swedish
Tajik Pashto
Tamashek (Tuareg) Ukrainian Persian
Tamil Mind Pidgin
Telugu Uzbek Portuguese
Tetum Vietnamese Potawatomi
Thai Welsh
Tibetan Wolof
Tigrinya Xhosa
Tokelau Yiddish
Tonga Zulu

These are the supported languages we hope that in near future we can increase them. Do you want to add an online translator to your computer? You can download a free add-on that gives you the opportunity to add it to your web site. For the moment we support only web sites that were develo9ped using WordPress and you can download the add-on from here.