Babylon – Dictionary and Translator for Windows

Babylon is one of the oldest dictionaries available for Windows. Today most of this program’s replicas do not exist or are very old, but Babylon continues to evolve as one of the best online translators in the machine translation market. Unlike other products, this program is free and has no restrictions. Downloading Babylon you will receive a translation program for whole-text translations that supports more than 75 languages and in addition nearly 2,000 dictionaries, all packed into one small and convenient program.

I definitely recommend this software if you deal with the translation of texts. This is the best assistant for each translator and the quality of the results is satisfactory. The reason for the improvement of translation is that Babylon is learning from the texts that you are translating. One of the most popular translators, Google Translate uses the same engine as that translator.
You can download it from here

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