Google Translator for Windows XP / 7

Client of Google Translate is a small and handy utility that allows quick and easy transfer of whole texts using the Google Translate and Bing Translators. The program also supports many advanced features such as document translation, search and translate from Wikipedia, directly in the program and record the results of the encyclopedia.
The program is small and it is free to install it on your computer. It is confirmed that it works with operating systems Windows XP and 7, but probably works with older versions too. Google Translate combines all the features of the web-based version with additional features for editing and recording results. There is only one problem that came out recently. The program does not support the free version of Google, only the Pro version offers that possibility, but you can use Bing Translator, but with the same effect and the function for Wikipedia also works. The reason for this change is that from the beginning of this year Google made their API paid for outdoor use.
You can download the Client of Google Translate from here

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