Phonetic Keyboard – Rating for Windows XP

There are many people who still can’t get used to the different standards of writing and BDS (Bulgarian State Standard) keyboard. That’s why a lot of people prefer to use the phonetic keyboard. In the phonetic keyboard Bulgarian letters are written with their equivalent in English. Thus G is Г and D is Д, which is much easier for the user to get used to the standard of writing both simultaneously. The new version of the operating system Microsoft – Windows 7, has two types of phonetic alphabet – Standard and Traditional, but in the old Windows XP there is not any supported phonetic alphabet. Therefore it is necessary to install a plugin that adds phonetic keyboard to your Language Manager. The add-on installs very easy, just run the application and click Accept. Then you can add the standard keyboard language settings for your Windows XP.

You can download this free add-on from here

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