Useful links

On this page you will find big list with links to free online translation services and dictionaries. Separated by category.

Free Online Translation Services – Unlimited translation service with many features and languages. One of the best machine translators on the internet.

Google Translate – Based on Systran Technology. Started on 2007 and today is one of the most used translation services. – One of the first online translation agencies that offers free translation of Documents, Text and eBooks. – Started 2012 is one of the newest services. Today have more than 2000 daily users and growing. Based on combination between SYSTRAN and the old Altavista Babelfish service. – Last year Microsoft starts their own translation service, based on the old Altavista Babelfish (Yahoo). Translation is good, but not like his primary competitors BablefishFX and Google. – Another good translation service based on Human experience. – Another human translation agency that offers online service and automatic translation. – Yang and not so good translator, but works for short text translation. – Based on Human experience, MyMemory is one of  the best translation services. Few of the previous service uses their core.

Free Online Dictionaries – First online dictionaries and translators database in Bulgaria. This website supports only Bulgarian, but is one of the best. You can find free English Lessons, Convertors, Dictionaries and other stuff on this website. – Another good dictionary, but supports only online services. – The Russian version of our own website. Its still a beta, but soon will be completed. – First Bulgarian developer company for Bulgarian and English Dictionaries. – Huge database with dictionaries on many languages. – Free version of Cambridge dictionary. – Free directory with many dictionaries. – One of the most popular dictionaries. Developed entirely by the website visitors. – Free version of the popular Oxford dictionary. – Dictionaries search engine. – Another good dictionary, but with not many supported languages. – Bulgarian version of the most popular online dictionary.